A Thanksgiving without Salad

The CDC just recently recalled ALL of the romaine lettuce only one day before Thanksgiving due to a massive E. Coli outbreak linked to lettuce.

E. Coli Outbreaks

So what? Who eats salad anyways?

The west! That’s who.

It just so happens that the week before I had made some applicable Thanksgiving data visualizations using Altair and Geopandas.

Using a “Thanksgiving Customs” survey dataset from this FiveThirtyEight article and recreated the data analysis used to determine which sides were most disproportionately common.

538-Graph of most disproportionately common side dishes

So what is the next most common thing to eat instead?

I enjoy Thanksgiving, and so I decided to revisit this analysis sans vegitable salads. Feel free to cruise through my collab notebook if your curious how I used Geopandas and Altair to make my visualization.

The suprising result?

You can take the lettuce but you can’t take our (fruit) salad! 538-Graph of most disproportionately common side dishes no Salad